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How to clean your shower screen

Posted on March 02, 2013 by Willie Boobyer | 2 comments


Using bring it on cleaner to remove hard water marks & soap scum off your shower screen and shower tiles.

Using a non marking scourer, you dampen the scourer with water, apply a 20 cent piece size of Bring It On Cleaner paste, rubbing in a circular motion all over your screen and tiles, ( More scrubbing maybe required on stubborn build up areas ) leave on until dry, rinse off with water and dry, once all marks a removed (repeat if necessary) dry off with an old towel. Then apply the Bring It On Cleaner Pro tect shield. Now you shower wont need cleaning for up to six weeks. Note: please do not use Pro tect on floor tiles.


  • Alan Bott

    The best option is to enlist the services of a specialized business cleaning service.

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  • Donna Boobyer

    As part of the " Whatmess Team " We use this product every day on many of our Cleaning " Vacate challenges" . From shower screens , ovens , taps and sinks.Its user friendly and non toxic and odour friendly ( it’s rather pleasant to smell ) adds to its awesome ability to get results in the user friendly way !!! All of us here from the Whatmess team are testament to its results as we use it very day on the job.Go on , for the price of a cup of coffee you can purchase the sample bottle and give it a go !!!


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