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Scrubbing Drill Pads

Scrubbing Drill Pads

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Scrubbing Drill Pads

These pads are amazing for tile and grout cleaning, combine with the Bring It On Cleaner and clean those grout lines right out.

Save your arm from all the scrubbing on all your hard surfaces, these drill pads will get all the scrubbing done for you.

The Scrubbing Drill Pads come packaged with two red pads and two white pads.

Red Pads More Abrasive: Cleaning Tile and Grout, Tub, Sinks, Shower Pans, Linoleum

White Pads Less Abrasive: Cleaning Tile and Grout, Glass, Shower Doors, Baseboard, Fibreglass

The Drill Pads Set will cut down on your scrubbing time by more then half. What you want to do is attach the proper pad to the disk and the bit to the drill. Next, take your favourite cleaning product and apply it directly to the surface being cleaned. I recommend the Bring It On Cleaner for just about all your hard surfaces.

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