Carpet Tile & Grout Window High Pressure Cleaners Perth Bring it on cleaner | 946ml large bottle | Cleans grout | Shower screens | Shower tiles | Stainless Steel | Chrome | Glass pool fencing | Car windscreens | What Mess cleaning Services | What Mess Cleaning Sevices
Bring it on cleaner (946ml )

Bring it on cleaner (946ml )

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Cleaning shower doors and cleaning hard water spots from windows with this product is so easy.

Bring It On! It Really Works! Water Spot and Stain Remover is a unique formula containing hard working detergents, mild "Jeweller's grade" abrasive and oxygen bleach designed to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs. 

Effectively removes stubborn organic stains, rust buildup, grease, oil, soap scum, water and mineral deposits on glass and other hard surfaces. Pleasant mint fragrance, no mixing required. 

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