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Customer Loyalty Program

Introducing Our New Loyalty Program 

We would like to thank you for being one of our valued customers! 

Option #1

Repeat Customers - Same Property

Loyal Customers NOW GET 20% Discount when you book in for your next carpet clean saving you $42.00. (min 4 rooms $168.00)Terms & Conditions: Must be the same carpeted areas that we have previously cleaned less than 12 months ago!

Is for customers that have their carpets cleaned more often. We now offer 20% off when you have them cleaned within 12 months of the previous clean.

Option #2

Repeat Customers - Different Property

Loyal Customers NOW GET 10% Discount when you book in for your next carpet clean saving you $21.00. (min 4 rooms $189.00)Terms & Conditions: Must be an existing customer!

Is for customers that have used us for their vacate carpet clean and would now like the property they have moved into professionally steam cleaned. We will give them 10% off.

* The discounts are off our RRP prices and are not applicable with any other offers. Private customers only. Residential properties only. 

Exclusions: 1) Any Apartments above 2nd Floor. 2) Commercial Property's

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